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Read if Math is not your thing

Math is Not Your Thing?

I have been always been challenged by Math. In High School I felt the pressure of needing to perform well, it was just hard. Now in college, it is not getting any easier, but I have learned to find my way around. In this blog I will be sharing for you all the math "wisdom" that have learned for math. This is, without being a math geek you can learn to do really well if you use the right tools.

This blog is all about math tools that I have used (and some I still use) that will make your life simple. Also, from time to time I like to write articles about things of math interest, although I'm not a great writer. But some people have told me that it is useful for them to learn from my experience. That is good enough for me to get the motivation to write stuff about math and share my collection of golden math resources. Let's get started, shall we?

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